Instagramification: The Freakin’ Wknd

  1. The least I could do after falling into a free wine tasting (while Steve was in the car with the dog) was bring him some delicious beer. And it is. It’s delicious.
  2. Lunch date at Le Orchard after designing our wedding bands. More diamonds? Sure.
  3. Steve and Toms.
  4. No matter how many times I try and tell him Gazpacho is just salsa, he still orders it.
  5. Paris stickers and a little elly notebook. I’m going to sticker everything.
  6. Elly earrings and Earth earrings from the boy. Earth Day!
  7. Vanilla Lemon Pie solid perfume. OOOoooooooh.
  8. I swear my dog is a cat and it cracks me up. Eventually his nose was literally in Steve’s ear. Subtle.
  9. My Wheaties. In bed. Kind of defeats the purpose, huh?
  10. The best planner ever. They’re pricey but awesome. They’re also heavy as shiz.
  11. “Come on, I like your haircut. Let me take pictures of you.”
  12. Spicy Black Bean Burger from FoCoCo. I’ve mentioned it before. It’s perfect.
  13. Southwest Poblano Cheddar Soup.
  14. Normal Sunday errand, but this time I stayed in the car. That was illegally parked.
  15. I hate buying magazines, but this, this I had to buy. All this time I’d been reading Outsiders Guides to Paris.
  16. Happy Earth Day, y’all. Check out mah globes!
  17. Eggless Egg Salad (a work in progress)
  18. Homemade pancakes on Sunday are becoming a bit of a thing around here.

I had a nice little weekend, if I do say so myself. Washburne had his first birthday with us, I ate pizza, went to the movie theatre (I don’t do this often), designed our wedding rangs, and looked at some venues. That last one was a little stressful, but I’m keeping my head about me.

It’s such a nice head, after all.

Hope you had a nice weekend!



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