Instagramification: The Weekend, Avenged

Sometimes I begrudge busy weekends because I find they go by faster without the proper amount of relaxation. For some reason, be it the weather or sheer amount of fun I had, this weekend was the exception to the rule.

On Friday, Steve and I did a walk-through at our wedding venue, and subsequently (finally) set a date for September. Everything about planning seems more exciting now that things are coming together. Afterwards, we met a couple of friends for pizzas, beer, and fancy cocktails to ring in the weekend. The four of us together make for an especially inappropriate bunch, so suffice it to say we shared a lot of laughs.

Bright and early on Saturday morning I assembled 30 of my closest co-workers to privately screen The Avengers. I punched the air, yelped with anticipation, cried (yes, that’s right), and fell in love with Hawkeye. It was amazing.

Then later that evening, I watched one of my dearest friends from high school tie down his fiancé.

What I mean to say is he got married.

The weather was magnificent – a slight breeze during the outdoor ceremony, the sun peaking through the clouds on it’s way down to the horizon. The reception was equally beautiful. We ate, we drank, we danced, and celebrated yet another awesome couple taking the plunge.

During one of the last songs of the night which was some fantastically classic upbeat love song (that I can’t remember), I chatted up the newlyweds while they bopped back and forth on dance floor happily. Jill laughed and said “this was actually supposed to be our wedding song.” Turns out, the DJ had played the wrong song for their first dance. It was in that moment I just knew she was perfect for Mark, because I know tons of women (myself included) that wouldn’t get through the first verse without telling the DJ to change the song. She was just going with the flow and accepting the  inevitable glitches of the day. I really appreciated that about her, and I know Mark will too.

Sunday was more… slow moving. Needless to say, I’m still currently trying to get through it. I’m tired, perpetually thirsty, and chalk full on Indian food. I have 100 different to-do’s swirling around in my anxious Sunday mind, and I’m trying to pull it all together before Monday bites me square in the bum.

First order of business: Vegetable Noodle Soup with Peanut Butter & Jelly. Spending part of my Sunday making food might seem unproductive considering all the laundry there is to be done, but I’ve got this bag of wheel-shaped noodles just calling my name.

And I know, I know. What happened to Pancake Sunday? Pancake Sunday has been postponed one week. I like to listen to my body when it comes to food, and today it’s been telling me screaming, “Feed me veggies!”

And maybe also, “Maybe not so much wine next time, deal?”



** Steve just said the song was Your Song by Elton John. Aww.


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