Mother’s Day: Eastern Market

Have you ever been to Eastern Market in Washington D.C.? It’s a smorgasbord of jewelry, food, art, tchotchkes, furniture, clothing, and more (it also has it’s very own metro stop). I myself like to go at least once a year, and no matter how hard I fight it, the temperature is always north of 80 degrees every time. I only mention this because every time I go I say to myself, “This would be a lot of fun in say, September.” And then I kind of never go back.

During this particular trip, I:

  • Tasted the most amazing, buttery buffalo mozzarella. Like hands down, the best I’ve ever had. I don’t even have a picture of it – that good.
  • Found a pink hat. Put on a pink hat. Realized I had too much hair (and fashion sense) for said hat.
  • Almost bought pickles out of a barrel.
  • Inhaled a strawberry, banana, and Nutella crepe.
  • reveled at an entire table of antique salt & pepper shakers, but did not buy any.
  • Waited 45 minutes for a metro train. Weekend D.C. Metro is the worst.

A lot of my fun revolves around food. Off the cuff lists always help me come to that realization.

But most importantly, Mama had fun.

And if you were a good little offspring too, you’re tired as all get-out from showing your mama a good day as well.

(click on kid with the aviator sunglasses for slideshow)

-Brit, “my mom once brought a cutting board (with knife), artisanal cheeses, and grapes into a movie theatre so my brother and I wouldn’t eat junk food.”

I bet almost none of you can say that.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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