This Is What I Know

True friends get genuinely excited when you try on wedding dresses.

True friends chase you down the sidewalk with napkins to dry your overwhelmed and anxious tears.

But most importantly, true friends don’t care if you double dip in the sweet Thai chili sauce.

Occasionally, the right words escape me. Right now is one of those times, but let me try my best:

Today I danced, with fervor, in the true meaning of friendship.

Thanks to you all for making this seemingly imperfect day turn out so perfectly.

I love you forever and ever and ever. And ever.

Or at least until our faces get chewed off in the Zombie Apocalypse.

Oh, and a special ‘thank you’ to my fantastic mother – who, for reasons I might never understand, will do just about anything to make me feel special, loved, and happy.

Love, Brit


3 thoughts on “This Is What I Know

  1. You are right about your friends and i am really proud to say “you are who you hang with”thanks all of you.

  2. WE are truly blessed! Thanks for giving me my first taste of downtown Alexandria and for hooking me on drunken noodle soup.

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