So, this is what moving looks like.

Things are getting serious on Rainier Dr.

I accidentally packed all of my shoes even though we don’t move for two more days. Steve panicked when he realized he had to “get rid of some of his comic books to make room for his math ones.” And Wash won’t stop scooting his ass across the rug.

That has nothing to do with moving, it’s just really gross.

If you looked at our fridge and didn’t know we were moving, you might be inclined to think we care solely for our newlywed friends, Colin and Jess.

And you would be right.

If only someone could motivate me with timeless words of wisdom to carry me through this difficult time…

Perfect timing, Buddha, but if there is anything getting us through this, it’s red wine and the Hall & Oates Pandora station.

Next stop: Pink House

See you there, say, around noon on Friday? Bring tools. And red wine. We are running dangerously low.



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