Creamy Avocado & Egg on Toast

Ever since seeing a tiny, seemingly insignificant “what I ate” Instagram of this sandwich on another blog I’ve been thinking about making it myself. The richness of the egg coupled with the creamy textured avocado, pressed sloppily between seedy whole wheat sourdough bread, makes for a fantastic quick and easy meal.

For sides I added some cucumber slices for crunch, and cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar  for a little acidity. 

I rarely buy avocados anymore as I happen to live with a bonafide avocado hater (he asked I bold “hater”), but I grew up eating “avocado sandwiches” on potato rolls, and the fruit has a special place in my heart. In case that warrants more of a description: (1) 1 avocado smashed on 1 potato roll. (2) Eat vigorously before it “poops” out the back of the roll.

My love of avocados was restored tonight. I am going to make variations of it all. summer. long.

And for that, Steven, I am sorry.


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