It is settled.

We settled on the Blue House this afternoon, after what felt like an eternity of seller’s stress. In actuality, it was a smooth and easy process, for which we are incredibly thankful.

Nevertheless, PHEW.

Now we have one house. It is pink. And as far as we are concerned, it’s also quite perfect.

We celebrated with crepes of Nutella and strawberries, topped with fresh whipped creme. Champagne had been in order – a fancy expensive bottle in fact, but we are saving it for the weekend, so we can get topsy turvy together in our new house. Party, party!

P.S. Our curtain situation is still a work in progress, so if you recognize where we live and happen to walk by, I apologize.

But do come by! It’s just the two of us here getting crunk-diggity on celebratory champagne…


The Pink House

We are officially all smiles and sore backs here at the Pink House! While there are still a few home improvement-related projects in the works (a new kitchen ceiling fan, and some organization fixtures [aka hooks]), I am happy to report we are settling in quite nicely.

Every moment from when we started packing until this very one was absolutely exhausting, and it’s so nice to finally be here. I’ve always loved the inspiration that comes from living in a new space.

[And yes, that is a picture of a trashcan. It is, quite possibly, my most favorite possession now. Am I old?]

For our first night alone we grilled marinated vegetable kabobs, and after days of carry-out, it sure did feel good to get back into the kitchen.

Well, outdoor kitchen anyway.

I hope you all had a glorious weekend full of not carrying large things and home-cooked meals. To those of you who helped us put together furniture, hang pictures, and unpack – we love you. We’re totally busy the next time you move – but we love you!


So, this is what moving looks like.

Things are getting serious on Rainier Dr.

I accidentally packed all of my shoes even though we don’t move for two more days. Steve panicked when he realized he had to “get rid of some of his comic books to make room for his math ones.” And Wash won’t stop scooting his ass across the rug.

That has nothing to do with moving, it’s just really gross.

If you looked at our fridge and didn’t know we were moving, you might be inclined to think we care solely for our newlywed friends, Colin and Jess.

And you would be right.

If only someone could motivate me with timeless words of wisdom to carry me through this difficult time…

Perfect timing, Buddha, but if there is anything getting us through this, it’s red wine and the Hall & Oates Pandora station.

Next stop: Pink House

See you there, say, around noon on Friday? Bring tools. And red wine. We are running dangerously low.


IKEA: Tetris For Grown-Ups

I’ve been reluctant to share some good news on here for fear of jinxing myself with bad joojoo, but…we sold our house and are moving to the 21701 this Friday! Hurrah!

The new house is different. Smaller. Requiring of a major trip to IKEA.

[In case you were curious, that right there is (1) kitchen island, (2) office chairs, (2) kitchen chairs, (1) bookcase w/ baskets, (1) bed frame, and (2) desks.]

Since I’ve been old enough to carry a box I’ve moved over 15 times. Steve has moved once, but (as far as I’m concerned) is a walking furniture assembly professional.

So yea, we got this.

And we’re really excited.

Well, we will be once all these stupid boxes are packed.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


A working girl needs her own space.

I’m currently in the process of designing my new, very own work space. And let me tell you, it’s about time. I work from home a few times a month, and while the make-shift kitchen-table-desk gets the job done (literally), I think this is an important step for me professionally.

Mostly, I just wanted new stuff. And then to decorate with it.

So far, I’ve bought a new desk from IKEA, a shelving unit, a “visitors” chair, and these prints from Etsy shop Flapperdoodle (I love this shop, check it out):

[I matted and framed both prints for less than $20]

Either below or above the prints I plan to hang curtain wire with metal clothes pins for various paper-made things like greeting cards, all those wedding and baby reminders/announcements, and pictures of my awesome dog, etc.

I’m quite excited about all of this, can you tell?

Now come help me put all this damn furniture together.

– Brit, working girl WITH an office