Pink House Mornings

[Yes, I always get up first.]

The Pink House master bedroom is a good bit smaller than our old bedroom, so in a risky game-time decision we brought only our full size mattress with us. In true Dog People fashion, we were most concerned with how well Washburne would manage with the limited acreage.

As it turns out, he might actually be happier.


Could you give me a paw with my hat?

OK, so we don’t technically know Washburne’s real birthday, but for all intents and purposes, it’s today. Rejoice!!

Exactly one year ago we brought this little guy home. And I haven’t made it to a weekday Happy Hour since.

He jumps on strangers, endlessly licks our faces, humps vigorously, pulls relentlessly on the leash, and barks at other dogs.

But we love him just the same. If not more.

And to prove it, we spent almost $100 on him to celebrate this very special day. We are the worst kind of dog people.

Happy Birthday, little buddy. We love you.

– Lady Who Lets You Sleep On Her Feet & Dude With The Leash

Put. A. Bird. On. It.

The whole point of this post was to introduce you to¬†our new bird nightlight. But then things just got weird. I think that’s what happens when you hang out and listen to music in the bathroom. With a camera.

But first: Bird nightlight? That is correct.

The Mister was really excited about said nightlight for two reasons. The first being this skit (“You straight up got dust in my eye!”). The second being his favorite They Might Be Giants song, “Birdhouse in Your Soul.”

Which he made me listen to in said bathroom.

I do not like this song.

So – no bird picture, but I did catch Steve trying to “fix my skirt.”

In other news:


Get your fun in tonight because it’s totally going to rain for the next four. straight. days.

Womp womp.

-Brit, Birdlover4Life (seriously, watch that video)